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    1. Fill out the online application form We will need your email and phone number to let you know of the status of your application and to send payment details. Also, for some applicants we may ask for further information such as any previous orchestral scores or additional music. 2. Brief biography (max 300 words) Tell us about your musical background, what courses you have taken and your level of orchestration and music technology knowledge. We'd also love to hear about music that you have written and your experience in writing for orchestral ensembles (if any), or any scores you have written for the screen. Finally, let us know why you'd like to participate and what you'd like to gain from the experience. 3. Link to examples of your music Take note that submissions do not need to be produced in a studio as we are looking for talent and potential, not simply production value. Cues could be of any length and represent your style. Live recordings, virtual instruments, or a combination of the two are all eligible. Music submitted must be orchestrated by you and not a third party. Applicants will be selected according to the quality of submitted works. 4. Click SUBMIT CLICK TO APPLY
    This program has been developed for composers with a level of musicianship that includes some experience/education of instrumentation and orchestration for orchestral ensembles. Relevant backgrounds may include having studied music through formal education or through instrumental musicianship and/or performing. As this is an intensive program led by professionals in the field, a certain level of adeptness and experience with music technology and notation is needed as well as a real interest in scoring for films and games.
    Screen Composer Academy has created this program for composers who are seeking to expand their knowledge and skills in writing for film and gaming, as well as gain experience in writing for a symphonic orchestra. In addition, students will have not only daily lectures but also one-on-one mentoring sessions with Hollywood film and game composers, faculty staff and tutors, for industry and compositional advice, comprehensive information about the business of film and game composing and how to further their careers. This program will focus on: Instrumentation, orchestration and arrangement, score preparation Midi-mockups, mixing and music technology Reading visual cues for film and game cinematics Scoring for film and game compositional approaches Game audio interactive approaches Industry business and career development Working with and recording an orchestra Creating original music Establishing meaningful contacts with colleagues and industry professionals The students will receive: Two recording sessions; 1) strings 2) chamber orchestra to a film Multitracks of the session and a monitor mix Individual tutoring and feedback on composition and midi mockups Video recording of the sessions A certificate of completion for all students You will also get to experience Greece! Beach location Welcome drinks party Experience Glyfada's best bars and restaurants Class trip to the Acropolis and Athens historical center Final dinner and drinks with faculty staff Hotel discounted coffee, drinks and food Screen Composer Academy reserves the right to modify program guests, conditions and events as necessary.
    Participants should bring: Laptop Midi Keyboard DAW Sample Libraries Notation Program Headphones and mini jack adapter Flash drive for file swapping and sharing material External hard drive with ample storage Manuscript paper Mp3’s of your best work to be viewed by tutors (optional) Previous scores of your work (optional) The Screen Composer Academy lecture room will provide: Digital piano to use with headphones Projector for lectures Good monitors for music playback Excellent wifi Printer and paper – score and A3 printing for sessions is the students' responsibility Coffee, tea, water and biscuits
    Screen Composer Academy has organized an accommodation package with Palmyra Hotel in Glyfada. The package includes 25 nights accommodation, coffee/tea, Wi-fi and access to the gym and swimming pool. There are also many other local hotel packages available and Airbnb options. Contact us at if you have any questions!
    Successful participant submissions will be sent bank transfer details and payment schedule via email. An initial deposit of 10% will be required on acceptance of the summer program offer from Screen Composer Academy. This deposit is non-refundable (however, please see our Tuition Fee Refund policies).
    Screen Composer Academy will provide paper and a printing service at the location. We will print the final version after all the changes have been made during the mentoring sessions and all scores and parts have been checked by faculty staff. It is the participant's responsibility to tape parts and conductor scores (3 copies). All recording and score preparation instructions will be given in the first week of lectures with templates provided for Sibelius, Finale and Dorico.
    In the event that Screen Composer Academy will be forced to change the terms of holding the intensive summer program due to a new wave of the global pandemic of COVID-19, all participants will be notified of options available. These will include: The program may be moved to a new later date. Should the participant be unable to attend in the program on the new date the Screen Composer Academy shall refund the tuition fee in full. Should the participant agree to attend the intensive program on the new date, no additional formalities shall be required. The summer program will move to an online platform. This will be at a discounted fee but still include all the lectures, one-on-one mentoring, remote recordings sessions and the Pulse College MA discount for eligible students. If more than the discounted fee has been paid, the balance will be refunded. If the participant decides to not proceed, a full refund of fees and deposit will be given. If the participant is unable to attend the new date of the program or wishes to not avail of the online version, the program deposit and monies paid to date can be placed towards the 2023 Intensive Summer Program. If none of these options are suitable, a full refund will be given.
    In most cases, a visa will not be required to attend the intensive summer program in Greece. However, it is advised that all potential participants check with their home Department of Foreign Affairs to confirm. Please do not hesitate to contact us here if you are unsure!
    The two recording sessions will be in folders which will contain the multitracks (spot mics, Decca tree etc), monitor mixes (stereo), ProTools sessions and video files. These will be transferred in class to each participant's external drive the day after the last recording session. So you will go home straight away with your recordings and video footage!
    If a participant cancels before April 30th, 2024, a full refund (minus the 10% non-refundable deposit) will be given. After April 30th, 2024 the following refund policy is as follows: Cancellation before May 15th, 2024, tuition is 75% refundable (minus the 10% non-refundable deposit) Cancellation before June 10th, 2024, tuition is 50% refundable (minus the 10% non-refundable deposit) Cancellation after June 10th, 2024, tuition is non-refundable Screen Composer Academy reserves the right to cancel any composer's participation if the tuition is not paid in full prior to April 30th, 2024 for the full tution offer. In this event, tuition paid up until this date will be refunded, less the non-refundable deposit. If due to unforeesable circumstances the intensive summer program course does not go ahead then all deposits and course fees received will be fully refunded, including the initial deposit.
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