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1. Fill out the application form at APPLY HERE

2. Include a brief  biography (max 300 words). This should include appropriate educational background, your music technology experience (what software/samples you use) and any films or games that you have previously scored.

3. Send a link of your music.

4. Click SUBMIT.

5. Screen Composer Academy will contact you with the result of your submission and payment details.

6. If you do not get accepted in the first round, you will be placed on the waiting list for any cancellations.


  • Relevant educational background and / or work experience in composing for orchestral instruments

  • A professional interest in entering or furthering a career as a film/game composer

  • Speak and comprehend English to an acceptable level

  • Laptop

  • Midi keyboard

  • Comfortable using a DAW (i.e., Logic, Cubase, DP etc.)

  • Own sample libraries (orchestral)

  • Use a notation program (Sibelius, Finale, Dorico etc.)

  • Have good headphones or monitors

Violin and Music Sheet

Tuition Fees



  • Limited places available

  • 1 remote string ensemble recording at Sierra Studios

  • Take part in all 2.5 weeks of lectures and events of SCA

  • Music tech week individual tutoring

  • Mentoring 1 to 1 session with guest lecturers

  • Video of orchestral recording

  • Certificate of completion and Pulse College Discount

  • View all 2.5 weeks of lectures (except music business)

  • All classes streamed live

  • All videos available for the duration of the program