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Film Scoring Competition

We are delighted to announce the Screen Composer Academy Richard Bellis Film Scoring Competition!

Each participant is to compose two minutes of music to the provided cue from The Hunger Games.

The required instrumentation is for a 34 piece orchestra and 20 piece choir, and any additional elements such as percussion and electronics.


The competition will run till May 31st, 2022.
All composers are welcome to participate.


Orchestra playing


Winner receives the SCA full scholarship to attend the Summer Program for Film and Game Composers.*

*A full refund will be given if the winner has already applied and paid towards the program.

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Runner up receives online access to guest lecturer masterclasses on the July 2022 summer intensive program for film and game composers and feedback on your piece from Richard Bellis



Vasilis Milesis

Composer and SCA Executive Director

Richard Bellis.jpg

Richard Bellis

Composer and SCA Mentor and Lecturer

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Garry Schyman

Composer and SCA Guest Lecturer

Natasa Paulberg.jpg

Natasa Paulberg

Composer and SCA Executive Director



1. Download Cue

Download The Hunger Games Cue and compose your music to picture.

2. Upload

Complete the form and upload your composition in mp4 format. Please name your file LastName_FirstName_SCA_Comp22.


3. PAY Fee

Pay the competition fee of €40.